Tips from India for strong and healthy hair

You know how they say that you always want what you cannot have. That was my case with thick, lush, healthy hair. I just was not gifted with the right genetics for it. While I am certain this plays a massive role, I also know that the changes I made into my hair routine about a year ago have allowed me to grow it past what I believed was “its limit”.

With strong hair, you can rock the most popular hairstyles and have more freedom to experiment with your look.

healthy hair

My hair issues were due to two main reasons:

  1. I was struggling with hair loss due to low iron levels. Eating some iron-rich foods such as spinach, almonds, smoothies with spirulina, helped me combat the root cause (pun intended). However, there is a multitude of reasons why your hair might be thinning so I recommend you go in more depth.
  2. My hair is naturally thin and curly so it tangles and breaks easily. As I was not seeing changes in my hair length for years, I theorised that its breakage was faster than its growth. If you have curly hair it is crucial to learn a few caring hairstyles to avoid stressing it further. 

This time last year I went on my first trip to India, a country whose women are known for their exquisite hair. For a very good reason, I have to say. Indian ladies have long, sleek and shiny hairs, just like the ones you see in heavily-edited TV ads only natural. Having struggled with “letting my hair grow” as I watched it gradually get shorter in the process, I asked around for the best hair care tips. Here are three Indian masks that will do wonders for your hair, and your overall confidence. 

healthy hair

Indian Gooseberry

Indians recommend both oral and external use of this “magic ingredient” that has also shown to decrease LDL (“bad cholesterol”). To use it as a hair mask:

  1. Grate 4-5 gooseberries and squeeze out the juice. (If you cannot get hold of the actual fruit, you can try purchasing a natural oil.)
  2. Mix with an even quantity of any oil of your choice.
  3. Apply the mixture while massaging the scalp and leave it out for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair.

Repeat this before every wash to maximise its effect.

Onion Juice

While this might not smell or sound delicious, onion juice is considered one of the best ingredients to promote hair growth as it increases blood circulation. Here’s how to make another popular Indian hair mask:

  1. Mix onion juice with aloe vera gel (1:1 ratio), honey, and any oil.
  2. Apply the mixture while massaging the scalp and leave it out for at least 30 mins before washing your hair.
    * My friend and her mother swear by this one.
    * You can also leave this overnight but skip adding honey.

Egg yolks

Hair, skin, and nails are made up of a protein called Keratin. This protein is also found in eggs, along with vitamins A and E and healthy fats that keep strands moistured and sleek. For this reason, Indians recommend treating your hair to a 30-min mask of egg yolk and any oil.

Various scientific studies have shown that the overall appearance of one’s hair influences how attractive they are perceived as healthy hair is associated with overall wellbeing while damaged hair is linked to illnesses. Regardless of the hairstyle or length you choose, having strong hair is key. I have found that applying a hair mask before EVERY single wash has dramatically changed my hair’s state and look. So make proper use of these Indian miracle hair masks as frequently as you can and you will surely see results! It is equally important to use quality hair products such as hair therapies.


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