I am Eva, a travel writer and a wholehearted food lover. I blog about my adventures around the globe and try out healthy twists on traditional recipes.

Eva, Milano, Evelina Milenova


I believe that discovering different cultures makes us more tolerant and humble human beings; that travelling is what really makes us feel alive; that seeing the whole world is impossible but trying to do so is absolutely mandatory.


I believe that tasty food gives us that extra bit of excitement about travelling. To me, loving indulgence does not need to equal being ignorant to what you eat. I strongly support eating healthy (for the most part) and being a compassionate, responsible person who does not tolerate animal cruelty.


I believe we can all make our world a better one by devoting more time and energy to what we love and truly makes us happy. I stand for foolishly brave dreams and epic failures in chase of them. I would much rather be someone who made a mistake than someone who was too afraid to risk.

I want to inspire you. I want to make you eager to explore, to live healthier and to pursue your purpose in life.

Eva Milano, Evelina Milenova


Back in high school in Bulgaria, when I started my first blog for the love of writing and amateur photography, I never thought this could be an occupation. Not long after I moved to the UK to venture into the studies of Architecture without even knowing what to be an architect really is like. So far, I have not found my calling in this field but I surely still love house décor and design, and buildings fascinate me almost as much as nature.

Best thing about dreading my university studies was that they pushed me on the search for an escape. I wanted to create a lovely, little space full of positiveness and things I truly, madly, deeply enjoy. That is how I re-discovered my interest in online media and digital marketing. I guess back when I had to make a degree choice I did not know studying any of these was a “thing”. Meanwhile, my passion for travelling, writing, eating well and meeting strangers grew even stronger. Now it seems almost natural to combine all of those things into a blog. A charming little journey to the tastiest and most breathtaking places out there!


Here I am now, a 24-year old blogger eager to learn, taste and experience.

I have just finished a six-month living and studying experience on the Iberian peninsula. During that time I got to explore well over 50 spectacular cities, villages and natural wonders. This, apparently, has only been the beginning of my Spain journey. Recently, I moved to the Canary islands, pursuing my dreams as per usual. It did not take more than some February summer heat to fall in love with living here. I still have to share here a ton of worth-it trips from the past. However, I am a lot more excited about what I am yet to discover!

 Take only memories, leave only footprints.